Dating In B-School: A Strategy

woman flirting in business suit

Dating at Harvard Business School: one woman fills us in.

We've heard of relationships being described as business arrangements (and to some of us, not naming names, of course, this makes us cringe). Our preferred description is a partnership, but we admit that even this word can conjure up images of business handshakes and contracts.

Here, a woman earning her MBA at Harvard Business School analyzes the dating situation on campus and provides a strategic dating plan for her female peers. It's well organized to be sure. We're just wishing it involved more confidence-building exercises and a lower dose of the idea that we may have to spend our energies elbowing out the competition.

Before I utter one word, scroll through this article. There are headings in bold.

Go ahead, take a gander.

Anything pop out at you?

Firstly, we're all for this outlook, expressed by the writer:

"Being the low-cost provider can only sustain your business for so long. Focus on being your best self and people will be attracted to your positive energy (think pull strategy rather than push strategy)."

We like this advice, which translates to, 'just be your best self.'

But scrolling down further at quick glance, we spot the word "Threat" quite a few times.

Then we read on and notice that bargaining power for buyers (in this case, male students at HBS) is rated as high. For women, it's rated low.

There are two ideas here. At one clip, we're told to be ourselves, to be confident. Yet, the language here is telling us to be on guard (watching out for threats and keeping a keen eye on competition).

To really support the idea of being positive, of being ourselves, we were expecting the advice and analysis to involve stressing the importance of confidence cultivation. Because when one is confident, in her product, so to speak, there's no time to worry about willy-nilly threats and competition. We're too busy to have to add another silly worry, about which we can do nothing, to our lists.