Love Bytes: Yes, You're Being Used

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Being a relationship doormat, weird advertising from Viagra, Eliot Spitzer in the aftermath.

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links.

This woman pays her boyfriend's bills, he lies about his spending, and for some reason she doesn't know what to do. Seriously, what's there to be confused about? [Smitten]

He's an apprentice in school right now, so he's on government loans until he goes back to work. The funds are not enough to cover his bills, so I have been paying the rent in full, his insurance and truck payments, his phone and credit card bills, and giving him other spending money--all on top of my own bills. I absolutely don't mind helping him in his time of need. The problem is, ever since he started school he has started telling me lies.

We liked it better when erectile dysfunction advertising wasn't interactive. [Buzzfeed]

Eliot Spitzer expresses remorse for causing "excruciating pain" to his wife, tells Today Show "there are no excuses" for his former involvement with prostitutes. [Huffington Post]