Samantha Ronson Kicks Lindsay Lohan To Curb

lindsay lohan samantha ronson
Buzz, Heartbreak

Over the weekend, Sam locks Lindsay out of the house, bars her from entering a party.

Dating Lindsay Lohan is no walk in the park. First, there's all those mood swings. Second, the weird weight fluctuations (which most likely only make the mood swings worse because everyone gets sort of grouchy when they're hungry). Third, there's the never ending parade of god-awful leggings. Don't even get us started on those.

On a more serious note, there's also the on-and-off-again battles with substance abuse, the criminal dad and the I'm-living-living-vicariously-through-my-daughter mom. There's the professional negligence. And really, have we mentioned those leggings?

Seems that Samantha Ronson has had enough of it all. On Friday morning, according to Metro UK, paparazzi spotted a locksmith at her Hollywood Hills home – "which she has been sharing with Lindsay for the past six months - changing the locks."

Things got even uglier on Friday night at Bar Marmont, where Sam was DJing a party for her sister, designer Charlotte Ronson. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Sting, and a bevy of other celebrity guests were all in attendance. But according to OK, when Lindsay arrived, "she was restrained from coming in by five security guards."

According to their sources: "Lindsay knew she was unwanted, but came anyway, to no avail."

Lindsay, of course, denies it all, telling X17 Online: "I didn't go to the party because I love Samantha not Charlotte. Charlotte's not nice to me."

"Not nice"? Perhaps. Or maybe the more appropriate term is "not tolerant of crazy ex-girlfriends stalking my sister."

Move on, Lindsay. You've been locked out of the house. You've been turned away from the party. Lick your wounds. And if you must, buy some more leggings to make yourself feel better.

Photo: Splash News