Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown & Ransom Demands

bobby brown and whitney houston

Scandalous book says drug dealer held Bobby Brown for $400,000 ransom.

And now for the news of the weird. Per NBC Action News.com, a new sensational (perhaps hyperbolic) book about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown alleges that the R&B singer was once kidnapped over a $25,000 debt to a drug dealer. Then the NYC-based gangsters decided they'd use his captivity to recover more than the principle owed them.

Per the story, the violence gang held Bobby Brown bound, gagged and at gunpoint until Whitney Houston produced $400,000 back in 1993. We're guessing it wasn't a check that she gave the kidnappers. Just for a point-of-reference, a kilo (2.2 lbs) of cocaine runs about $20,000 in terms of street value back in 1993. We're guessing that in 2009 dollars and drugs one Bobby Brown would not equal 44 lbs of Bolivian bang-bang.

Though all parties refuse to confirm or deny the existence of this event (though the drug lords were probably not available for comment), it does bring up a few interesting questions: 1) How high (heh?) would Whitney have gone to get Bobby back?; 2) How do you not seriously reevaluate the decisions you've made after you (or your husband) have been ransomed by your drug dealer?; 3) Do you think that Whitney had an affair with Russell Crowe while they were awaiting Proof Of Life from the kidnappers (or even with her Bodyguard, Kevin Costner)?; 4) Isn't it a bad sign when you don't doubt the validity of a crazy story given the cast of characters involved?; 5) With this sort of weirdness waiting in the wings, how is his reality show not better?; and 6) How did Bobby Brown let Whitney Houston get away? After a person saves you from torture and getting dumped in the East River, you do whatever you can to keep them (unless they keep bringing it up, that'd be a little much).


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