Love, Heartbreak

One thing I have learned the hard way more than once is to TRUST YOUR GUT. When I meet a guy, I assess the WHOLE GUY, looks, personality, if he has too much baggage, etc. The one thing I have trouble with is trusting my gut instincts. I have avoided these gut instincts twice and both times it felt like I was ran over by a truck my broken heart was so bad.

The first time I wasn't immediately attracted to the guy, but we clicked otherwise so I stuck it out. Well, a restraining order and two years later, I wish I had trusted my gut in the beginning and cut him off before getting so involved!

The second time, I took an EX back after he crushed my SOUL and left me hanging for 3 months to cry DAILY about him. I took him back and against my gut feelings and all my friends begging me not to, and shortly after I once again had a broken heart the size of a buick.

Why do we go against our gut instincts? Is it because we want to be loved so badly that we will settle for the guy in front of us instead of starting over again from scratch? Or is it because maybe there is such strong sexual chemistry that we figure, "Screw it that he was in Jail, he is HOT and I am keeping him."

I said it before, but I MEAN IT NOW. If my gut starts screaming to run and hide the next time I go on a date, I am doing it. No more wasted time and energy on Mr. Wrong! I deserve nothing less than everything I am looking for in a man, and daggone it, I am not taking less than that ever again!