Wedded Bliss: Blogger To Marry Commenter

blogger marries commenter

Love at first comment.

All the blogosphere was abuzz to discover that the rumors were true. A long-time commenter proposed to his favorite, bookmarked blogger; and, blogger accepted, reports Jan Hoffman for the New York Times.

But don't be fooled. This was no casual, one-time-comment romance. It began some four years ago with a smattering of flirtatious e-mails on the part of a loyal reader and commenter named Meade who began hinting, in the comments section, about setting up a date with his favorite blogger. Previously known only anonymously as Meade, the commenter is a 55-year-old divorced father who is a caretaker at an estate in Cincinnati, reports Hoffman. His blog-love interest is Ann Althouse, a 58-year-old divorced mother of two sons who is a professor of law at the University of Wisconsin. She regularly posts blog posts offering commentary on legal and political matters.

When Meade directly e-mailed Althouse to ask her out, he received no response. When he posted his  invitation in the comments section of her blog, she accepted, on the condition that he drive the 10 hours to meet Althouse in Madison. He agreed (chivalry is not dead.)

The couple saw a movie together; a steamy romance began to unfurl. To blog readers' delight, the two kept in communication in the comments section of the blog though rarely outlining the details of their heated romance.

Then on March 22, in the comments section of course, a happy announcement appeared. The blogging professor accepted her faithful commenter's hand in marriage. Take-home message: Never say never. It's love in the time of blogging. Social boundaries are being broken; the rules are just being written.