Levi Johnston Talks to Tyra About Bristol


Burly Alaskan babydaddy says Sarah Palin let him and Bristol share a room.

Set your DVRs, y'all: Bristol Palin’s ex-boyfriend, Levi Johnston, talked to Tyra Banks for the episode of her talk show to air Monday, and said that his son's grandmother, Sarah Palin, allowed him and Bristol to share a bedroom while they were dating, and that she knew they were having sex, despite the Alaska governor's well-documented abstinence-till-marriage stance

Us Weekly reports that Johnston, 19, tells Tyra that he's "sure [Palin] probably knew" he and 18-year-old Bristol were not reading their Bibles and discussing Keynesian economics when he stayed overnight at the family's Wasilla home. "Moms are pretty smart," he says. 

Bristol and Levi broke off their engagement last month, three months after welcoming their son, Tripp. Bristol's pregnancy was announced in September, just days before Sarah Palin accepted the Republican nomination for vice president. Johnston told Good Morning America several weeks ago that he wasn't "mature" enough for marriage.

Johnston's mother, Sherry, who was arrested on drug charges in December, and his sister Mercede will also appear on Monday's episode of The Tyra Banks Show. Mercede reveals that the Johnston family was under a gag order during Palin's campaign for VP. "We were supposed to say that all questions need be brought up to the McCain campaign. Other than that we had to say no comment," says Mercede, whose eyeball-scorching Myspace profile proves that whatever other bad strategy decisions the McCain campaign made, and we can think of a few, that one was probably on the right track.

Via Us Weekly. Photo courtesy of Splash News.