Liz Hurley & Arun Nayer On The Rocks?

arun nayer and elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley says there's nothing to gossip rag rumors of strife with Arun Nayer.

According to ABC4.com, Elizabeth Hurley and her husband Arun Nayer are doing just fine. Since the moment these two were married (both in England and India), they've been pursued by rumors, innuendo and accusations of marital discord.

The start was rocky, indeed. In addition to really liking expensive, extravagant and double weddings (sort of a sign that you're more in it for the wedding (s) than the marriage), Hurley committed a few faux pas during the early going.

First of all, she sold the photo rights to her wedding to a UK gossip rag and she (or someone) freaked the fark out when guests were snapping away at the happy couple. Then throw in the fact that she was wearing leather kicks (not something that Hindus appreciate, killing cows for food, fashion or fun). And finally, she and Arun Nayer shared a very public kiss and despite tacitly allowing prostitution, conservative Indians DO NOT care for public kissing (we're sure there's a ShamWow joke in there somewhere).

On top of all of the actual problems, this match has had some serious perception problems. First of all, recent studies suggest cross-culture romances are more likely to fail. Sometimes love can't conquer all and coming from different worlds is just too hard to overcome (notice how Kevin Costner ended up with Mary McDonnell in Dances With Wolves? Though, it should be noted, they were amongst a different kind of Indians). Next, despite their uncanny tendency to meet, greet, date and mate, it's always a little suspicious when a beautiful woman (even one on the penumbral side of 40) marries a fabulously wealthy man (the term 'gold digger' is oftentimes muttered) . And finally, India is country that really digs acquiring luxury British stuff. Tata Motor bought Jaguar and Land Rover and maybe Liz Hurley would be one of the grandest vanity purchases of them all.

Fortunately, they're doing just fine. In fact, The Blemish reports that Elizabeth Hurley has gone from fashion model to fashion designer and has her own boutique. See, she doesn't need anyone's money with her own boutique.

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