Is Britney Trying to Make K-Fed Jealous?

Britney Spears

Rumor has it the singer wants her ex-husband and family back.

Nothing about Britney’s Spears’ love life is simple, from rumors of dating her agent to hooking up with members of the paparazzi. Well, get ready because oops, she might be trying to do it again, y’all!  Britney is rumored to be hooking up with her backup dancer, Chris Benz, in a ploy to make her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, jealous enough to want her back. According to insiders, the pop star has decided that she loves FedEx from the bottom of her broken heart and wants her family back together so she’s hooking up with a backup dancer in a ploy to make him jealous and reunite her family. 

As we reported earlier, K-Fed has moved on with Victoria Prince and seems to have gotten quite comfortable in his new relationship. We’re not sure if the would-be rapper is paying attention to Britney’s romantic life or if he cares to reunite with the pop star but this will be an interesting one to watch. Ah, Britney, why does your love life always have to be such a circus? 

Scoop courtesy of The Superficial. Photo courtesy of Splash News.