Why Women Can't Resist Rock Stars

woman dating rock star

Despite the fact that they have heartbreaker written all over them, rock stars are irresistible.

Were it not for the idea of a broken heart, many of rock 'n' roll's greatest love songs would be without a subject. Country music would have certainly never survived and the blues would refer to spending a Saturday afternoon at the laundromat with your Levi's. Thank goodness for the tortured souls who thought to pick up a guitar and air their dirty laundry.

Finding comfort in the arms of a rock star is easy to do when you've got good-looking men like Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw and Chris Martin telling you it will be all right. We've spent many a night wrapped up in our iPods believing that the answer to our heartache lies at the end of a Bon Jovi ballad. So it's no surprise that women fall hard for musicians, especially the troubled ones.

Dating a musician is notoriously difficult. Giggling groupies who don't know the difference between their left boob and a sheet of loose leaf paper lurk at every corner. Even if you're not the jealous type, the late nights, intense concentration and weeks apart while he's on tour can cause a girl to go insane. Under what other circumstances would you find yourself waiting curb side for an 18 wheeler to turn up in the middle of the night?

Yet there's something about stage presence that turns musicians into magic. We know for certain that John Mayer was pumping gas before he was driving Hollywood's A list wild. How he went from average to Jennifer Aniston can only be attributed to his ability to wax poetic about her wonderland.