Shanna Moakler & Travis Barker Are Off, Again

shanna moakler and travis barker
Buzz, Heartbreak

The Meet The Barker stars are back on a break, for now.

Guess what? Blink 182 may be reuniting. Guess what? Travis Barker and DJ AM are suing over their plane crash. Guess what? Travis and Shanna Moakler are breaking up, again.

Perez Hilton tells us that a domestic situation occurred at their house the other day. No one got thrown in the pokey or anything. The spat was allegedly over rumors that a certain person GOT IT ON with everyone's favorite Scotsman, Gerard Butler. Sorry, second favorite Scot, we forgot about Sean Connery.

We're not sure what to tell you, chicks dig Gerard Butler. We're guessing that his presence could create a rift in even the most stable relationship. Honestly, those abs, that brogue, these eyes, could melt the face off of almost any women (and probably a surprisingly high number of menfolk). No offense, but what chance does a yo-yo relationship like the Meet The Barkers stars have in the face of that sort of Highlander handsomeness?

For whatever reason, we don't really believe that Gerard Butler had anything to do with this breakup. These goofballs are clearly not right for each other (and possibly anyone else).

Per Shanna's MySpace blog (it still exists, shocking), they are broken up and it was because of character assassination on the part of his camp and she "came across numerous romantic emails with MANY other woman, some famous , some I personally knew, all heart breaking. and the woman involved you know who you are and should be ashamed of yourself," while Travis was in the hospital recovering from his September plane crash. Hmm, bummer.

Powerful stuff; who says that the written word is dead? We suppose we can probably count on a reconciliation in 5 4 3 2…

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