Keeping Twitter Tabs On Your Spouse

twitter marriage

Should we be "following" our partners? Some say Tweeting is saving marriages.

Tweeting throughout the day with your partner can be good for your marriage, reports K. Jason Krafsy, author of Before I Do: Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience on the blog Marriage Junkie.  

Krafsy gives his thumbs up after having been on the social networking tool for 90 days, writing:

"I have turned the corner and have found Tweeting to be an invaluable and indispensable communication vehicle to establish and better relationships."

On Twitter, you can post messages that are up to 140 characters in length and update as frequently as you like. Your spouse, or anyone else who is interested in keeping up to date on what you are up to, or thinking about, at any given moment, can sign up to "follow" you.

Twitter has taken the social networking scene by storm since its launch. Some of the ways Krafsy finds that Tweeting can boost a relationship include: it helps you collaborate with fellow parents, it keeps you connected with your spouse throughout the day, it partners you up with your spouse on parenting decisions, it focuses on important details that can be shared (the limited word count helps with that).

We're not quite as sold as Krafsy, as yet. To be fair, we haven't undergone the 90-day Twitter transformation test. Its just that thus far it's hard for us to tell how Twitter is all that different than setting a Gmail update, Facebook update or sending a brief e-mail or instant-message. And truth be told, we fail to see what we're missing by not Tweeting our heads off throughout the day.

Plus, while loving our partner is important we're not sure we need to "follow" him. Is keeping moment-to-moment tabs on our partners really a bonus? Do we really need to be alerted when our spouse stops by the grocery to pick up a snack, heads to lunch with a client or takes a leak in the bathroom? We'd like to trust that there are things he can do his own (gasp) without our knowing about it.

Dear readers, fill us in: Are we missing something about Tweeting?