Taylor Swift Gets Revenge On Joe Jonas In Song

Buzz, Heartbreak

Taylor’s new song calls out Joe Jonas for dumping her.

Taylor Swift is on the cover of Seventeen discussing ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, who dumped her for actress Camilla Belle via a 27-second phone call last year, and the scathing song on her latest album that takes him to task, "Cry Me a River"–style.

"Writing songs about people is the only way I know how to do things," she says. "I can't wish I hadn't written a song about someone, because if I hadn't, that song wouldn't exist. I just don't find any joy in writing about things I haven't been through."

The lyrics to "Forever and Always," off Swift’s triple-platinum 2008 album, Fearless, tell the middle Jonas brother where to shove his flatiron: "You looked me in the eye and told me you loved me/Were you just kidding?/'Cause one second it was perfect/Now you're halfway out the door/Was I out of line? Did I say something way too honest/That made you run and hide like a scared little boy?"

Ooh, burn. Swift isn't the first woman scorned by a Jonas to go public with her heartache. Miley Cyrus also told Seventeen last September that she "bawled for a month straight" when Nick Jonas broke up with her. And Swift doesn’t seem to have closed the book on her Jonas era just yet. "Right now, my favorite thing to write about is love," she says. "And breakups. And boys. And feelings." So that should prove that Taylor is, in fact, a 19-year-old girl and not what we initially thought she was: a preternaturally gorgeous robot sent from the future to destroy Joe Jonas before he can grow up to lead the resistance against Skynet.

Via People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.