Some Real OC Housewives Drama

jo de la rosa and slade smiley

Gretchen Rossi is making waves by dating Jo De La Rosa's ex Slade Smiley.

Ruh-roh. According to the New York Post's Page Six, Gretchen Rossi is dating (surely in the exploratory phase) Slade Smiley. The two were recently spotted at a Lakers game. As you may recall, Real Housewives Of Orange County fans, Slade Smiley was engaged to Jo De La Rosa back in the day. In fact, their ill-suited romance made for the premise of the spin-off Date My Ex: Jo And Slade.

Judging from the concept of Date My Ex, you'd think that Jo De La Rosa would be cool with Slade moving on. After all, he did spend a season spuriously trying to find someone new for Jo to date (with a more than a few intervening attempts at reconciliation). While there's no word on whether or not Jo is up in arms about the situation, the good people at Bravo (producers of the Real Housewives franchise) are none too pleased. They've given Slade Smiley ample chances to shine and he seems to disappoint them at every turn.

Though Jo and Gretchen have never been super tight, dating a friend's ex-fiancé is a bit dicey. In fact, it is expressly forbidden in the Bro Code unless express (often written) permission is given prior to any exploration of feelings (or underpants) is undertaken. The Ho Code is a little murkier on this. And Gretchen was in one of Jo's music videos, so it's easy to see that some bond may have been broken.

What do you think about dating a sort of friend's ex? What do you think of Real Housewives of [Name Your Location] in general? ??

Photos: Splash (note: that's Slade and Jo, not Slade and Gretchen)