Making friends on Your Tango

Making friends on Your Tango

Alright, if the messages I receive are correct (and I think they are). A bunch of you want to know how to meet people on YourTango. Here's how I do it.

1. Comment - I love commenting (as you can tell) and I love reading your comments. Watch the comment feed on the community page and see who's talking about what.

2. Message - When I find a comment or blog post I love, I click on the profile of the person who made the comment and then I click "send a message". It works! Try it. There are a lot of fabulous users on the site. Let me know, I'll hook you up with them (not in that way, just as friends. I gave up matchmaking last month when the girl left the guy I matched her with so she could spend more time with "Jesus". FAIL.)

3. BLOG! Some peeps are doing this already. We get quite a few blog posts in a single day, so make sure you click on the link to the Community Blogs and read em! Also, I try to let new users know about the fun topics going on around the site. Maybe I should do a weekly blog post about that too? All in favor, say aye. Twice a week, our editors pick the best Community Blog posts and promote them on the front of the site. Yours could be next!

4. Ask! Ask YourTango - Get in on the action in the Ask YourTango forum. We have a lot of people saying LOTS of interesting things there. It's a great way to get to know people. So go! Ask your questions and remember to share your wisdom too!

5. Message me! Seriously, message me. I'll put you in touch with some of my favorite YourTango users. I mean I love you all, but some of ya'll are messaging me about your cats and favorite bean salads. And I love cats and bean salad, so....get on it :) Or email Lyz (at)

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