Netflix Rivals Remote As Thing Couples Spat Over

couple fights over remote

The economic downturn has couples grappling over the coveted Netflix list.

Chick flick. Action flick. Comedy. The Netflix queue can have them all, but in what order is the question riddling many households these days. With the economic downturn prompting more couples to stay home instead of go out in order to cut down on entertainment costs, Netflix is stirring up a bit of household strife as couples tussle over the coveted list of must-see movies, reports Michael Wilson in the New York Times.

It used to be that couples tugged at the television remote control. Now, because couples are canning nights to the movie theater and even axing their cable subscriptions to scrimp and save, they are watching DVDs at home. Even ironclad relationships are being tested by the Netflix queue, an online list users create of the DVDs they'd like to have sent to them once they watch and return the flicks they're currently renting.

So, let's say you're dying to watch the classic tearjerker Fried Green Tomatoes and he has a hankering for war-torn Independence Day, you'll have to watch one or the other and return it in order to receive the next DVD on your wish list. This presents two challenges: first, what's going to make the list? Second, once the DVDs start to arrive, which are you going to watch first?

Although this does add a new complication to home entertainment, couples seem to be handling the tussles in stride, making compromises as they go.