Leo And Bar Are Not Engaged

bar refaeli and leonardo dicaprio

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli are not set to wed.

If you had "sometime in March" in your Bar RefaeliLeonardo DiCaprio engagement pool, you have a losing ticket. According to Us Weekly, the American super star and the Israeli super model are not engaged to be married. One of Leo's friends told the gossip magazine that the Israeli hottie is not betrothed to the hottest guy in Hollywood (or engaged to Leonardo DiCaprio for that matter, hi-oooo!). We won't believe anything regarding this yo-yo daters until we see wedding photos.

The misunderstanding began when Bar Refaeli was photographed sporting a gold band encircling the ring finger of her left hand. In some cultures, such as ours and Israel's, a ring on a ring finger represents marriage or engagement. But some people just find it comfortable, a ring on the ring finger does make some semantic sense but we think it breaks a cardinal rule of social decorum.

And it's a major pet peeve of ours. Honestly, we won't prognosticate about your (the celeb set) personal lives if you don't break generally accepted standards of behavior: por exemplo, we won't guess that you're pregnant if you don't wear tent-shaped dresses and continually touch your bellies. Fair? You know what? Forget it, there's no way we (the gossipmongers) can help ourselves from guessing. It's in our blood, sorry.

Where does that leave us? Bar and Leo aren't engaged despite committing the faux pas of wearing a ring on the left hand's ring finger. Apparently celebrities are going to continue doing things that pique our interests only to complain about having their privacy invaded which will further pique our interests especially when they have something for us to see, hear or buy. It's almost like there's some sort of symbiotic relationship between celebrities and the gossip media. Nah. That's crazy, the American people would not put up with that sort of naked quid pro quo.

Furthermore, can we get a ruling on the exact spelling of her last name? It's like the cable news stations with their constantly evolving spelling of "Al Qaeda" over here.

Photos: Splash