Cloris Leachman Talks Hackman, Asner, "Epic" Sex


Cloris was dancing with the stars long before they put it on TV.

We would have called them Clorene, if only we'd known.

In her memoir, Cloris, for sale next Tuesday, Oscar-winning actress and Dancing With the Stars elder stateswoman Cloris Leachman describes the crazy night of passion she had with Gene Hackman in the mid-'70s.

"We didn't finish the meal. We went upstairs, flew into bed and made love. It was epic. And the next morning, Gene went back to his film and I went back to mine. I haven't seen Gene since that night, but I remember well the feisty lad he was," Leachman says.

The autobiography, which spans Leachman's seven-decade career, also describes a tryst in Canada with "Beyond the Sea" singer Bobby Darin; the affair she almost had with Ed Asner, her costar on The Mary Tyler Moore Show; and how she decided not to sleep with singer Andy Williams—photos of his wife and daughter fell out of his glove compartment as they were on their way to a hotel. Leachman asks, "Does anyone out there who is my age or even twenty or thirty years younger remember every single person he or she had sex with? Sometimes I don't remember…"

More recently, Leachman appeared on the episode of The Office that aired after the Super Bowl and shot roles in the omnibus film New York, I Love You and Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Inglourious Basterds.

Still going strong at 82, Leachman was recently invited to appear on Miley Cyrus's show, and debuted an ad for PETA in which she wears a gown made entirely of roughage. While we're sure Messrs. Hackman and Asner might have enjoyed it if Cloris had posed à la Khloe Kardashian, we have too much respect for our nanas to look at ladies in their eighties in the altogether. Carry on, Cloris.

Via Air America, The Los Angeles Times, and Photo courtesy of Splash News.