Are Diddy and Cassie Hooking Up?

Cassie and Diddy

Sources say the media mogul and the singer are back on again.

The rumors that Diddy had been romancing his singing protégé, Cassie, peaked with speculation that the two were engaged but eventually calmed down. However, a recent rumor has started tongues wagging again. Sources say that the two got quite cozy at a party at Diddy’s Star Island mansion this past weekend. A party witness said, "Diddy and Cassie were definitely together. They were all over each other and didn’t leave each other’s side the whole night. They were hooking up all night." It’s common knowledge that there ain’t no party like a P.Diddy party because a P.Diddy party don’t quit and evidently this evening failed to disappoint: the festivities were rumored to have ended around 7 a.m. the next morning.

No word on whether Diddy pulled out his tantric moves or Tweeted the details of the event are unknown but the rumors of Cassie and Diddy are back on. Since he’s shared his grooming secrets, we’re sure that if something did go down, everything was in order.

Scoop courtesy of Perez Hilton. Photo courtesy of Splash News.