Introduction to Me

Introduction to Me

I want to start out by saying that I am a very Private person who normally strays far from telling anyone anything about myself.  But I think it will do me some good to come out of my shell and share things on this site that I would normally keep to myself or only share with those that are close to me.

So here is a little about me that I will share......

I am a very busy single mom of 2 kids who lives in Texas, but am originally from Illinois.  I come from a large family and have many siblings both male and females.
I work in the legal industry and at one time loved what I did for a living, but over time realized how full of crap lawyers are and now hate my career choice, but do it, because it pays the bills.

I am a perfectionist, an organzied freak and goal oriented.  I think if going to school was a full time job, that I would excel greatly, because I love learning.

When I was younger I wanted to join the Peace Core and also become a missionary.  I wanted to travel the world and help people in 3rd world countries, especially women and children.   UGH!! It upsets me that so many people in the world have to go without food and medical help, because of their corrupted government.  It breaks my heart to see people, especially innocent children do without.  

Over the years I have donated to help children from my home country Honduras.  I've donated to medical facilities financially to help children with cleft lips get the surgery's needed and/or seek the medical attention they deserve.   I wish I could do more, but realize that it is not possible, so I do what I can.
What else can I share......I recently took on cake decorating as a hobby and like it much more than I anticipated.  who knew?

In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, cooking and reading health magazines.  When I am not spending time with my kids I enjoy an ocassional dinner and drinks with friends.