Rihanna Wants Chris To Apologize On Oprah?

Chris Brown
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Like the rest of us, Chris Brown's salvation may lie in Oprah's hands.

A little news on Robin Fenty, AKA Rihanna. First of all, according to Bossip, she has not bought Chris Brown's apology wholeheartedly. As you may recall, Brown was arrested and awaits arraignment on charges of domestically abusing young Rihanna back on February 8th (the morning of the Grammys).

Since this debacle began, Chris Brown issued an apology, stating, "Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person." And word on the street has it that Ri-Ri did not buy in to Brown's less than contrite admission. Rumor has it that the tone, while somewhat conciliatory, the apology left Rihanna "royally pissed off."

But Chris Brown has a chance to atone for his misdeeds… on Oprah. Per Bossip, Rihanna wants to put Chris Brown on the Harpo hot seat to prove how really sorry he is. That's right, it doesn't count unless you tell it to Oprah. Since late February, it's said that Rihanna and Oprah have become fast friends and that the media titan has strongly counseled the Barbadian songstress against reconciling with the young Chris Brown. And a showing of remorse on the somewhat popular Oprah Winfrey Show will "help make up her mind," about taking him back. Though sympathy for Brown is in short supply, we recognize that he's put himself in a very tight spot. Just looking back at the James Frey incident, we do not envy anyone who has to face a disappointed Oprah. In addition to wilting under the stern gaze of a firm (but fair) Oprah, Brown would have to deal with the buzz saw that is the live studio audience ('And you get to punch Chris Brown and you get to punch Chris Brown and you get slap Chris Brown'). That's not even taking into account what Hurricane Gayle King might do or say. But if Chris Brown doesn't go on the talk show then he's not sorry enough. If he does go on, he'll be both raked over the coals and put in a situation in which he may incriminate himself (we're reasonably sure that Oprah and her show, Oprah, are admissible as evidence in most court cases). Tangled webs we weave, when we allegedly strike people with our fists.

In Other Rihanna news, she is not dating a fellow called Frankie Delgado (they say he's on Bromance, but how could anyone possibly know that?). We don't know who that is, but MTV.com says they are not an item. Also, MTV.com reports that Rihanna recently had a gun tattooed on her body. Hopefully, it's a gun of inner personal strength and not a gun of violence.

She is also not dating Brody Jenner, per Celebuzz the two just hung out a time or two. Though, you never know, Chris Brown and Rihanna didn't really admit they were an item until the ugly domestic violence issue came to light.

Bad times.

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