How To Get Married Without Going Broke

bride on a budget

Budget savvy brides hit the jackpot with the blog Broke-Ass Bride.

If Wall Street was as sensible and straightforward as Dana, the blogger behind Broke-Ass Bride, we'd all be sitting pretty right now and toasting the economy with an icy margarita in hand.

As confident in her style as she is her spending, Dana and husband-to-be, Hunter, are planning a Los Angeles-area wedding on what she affectionately describes as a "broke-ass budget." A broke-ass budget is part frugality, part eco-friendly with a humorous twist that keeps both Dana and her readers laughing all the way to the bank.

Drawing an extra-large crowd to her blog for over a year, Dana discusses every part of her wedding plans with confidence and candor. Whether it's digging up used décor or searching online for the best bridal bargains, or as she calls them, "broke-ass brilliance," Broke-Ass Bride is a place for radical thinking and romantic notions that yes, dreams do come true. Case in point, the brilliant way in which Dana snagged her dream dress without breaking the bank.

I checked out the designer's website, and was stopped short. Could it be? It was AMAZING! It was crazy beautiful. But, my wallet shrank back in horror when it overheard the price. In a moment of desperate clarity, I remembered a wise suggestion from my friend Ann-Giselle, and I blurted - "well, if ya ever need anyone to type a letter, I got mad skills..." I was at the mall with my mom and my sister when I got the phone call. It was the designer, offering me a partial-work trade for my dress if I can help out around the office. We all jumped up and down and squealed and got emotional. I felt like Cinderella, on The Price is Right.

While most wedding fantasies will have you believe that getting married is synonymous with spending a fortune, Broke-Ass Bride defies that idea with a healthy dose of humor.

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