Ex-Wife And New Husband Move In With Her Ex

newlyweds move in with her ex
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We've heard of amicable break-ups but this is just ridiculous.

A newlywed couple from Omaha, Nebraska have just moved in with the bride's ex-husband. Yes. Take a moment out to wrap your heads around that one. You get married, divorced, married again and what do you do? Move in with your ex! 

It takes all types in this world.

When Nicole Thompson-Arce married husband No. 2, Mathew Arce (her former mother-in-law was in the wedding, by the way) last July, he lost his job. She had just quit hers, and while he's gainfully employed now, the couple didn't have the funds to provide for her two children from her previous marriage. The two found themselves riddled with debt and unable to pay rent.

So what did her ex Craig Thompson do? Laugh and say "that's karma!" (which is what we would've done)? No, he invited Nicole and her brand new hubby to move in with him. He lives alone and is single, by the way.

When you think about it, the living situation is actually ideal. Not only does everyone save money, but their two daughters don't have to split their time in a different environment and between the three of them there's always somebody home to babysit, they say. 

Yes, but isn't there jealousy?

Under the surface contempt only few glasses of wine away from erupting? One would thinks so, but delightfully, the answer is no. 

Craig and Mathew are actually best buds ("we just clicked," Thompson said) and once they explained to their two daughter, who are six and eight, that Nicole doesn't have two husbands, the arrangement is working so well the three think they'll continue it for a few more years. As in, five to 10.

As Nicole says, "There are so many families that go through divorce and can never let it go. I'm thankful, and hopefully our situation can help people rethink things because if they have kids, it's in their best interest to get along." 

You hear that, America? Let's all strive to be as open and mature as this trio. Even if it is just teensy, weensy bit inhuman.