Are You A Modern Goddess?

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What modern women should know about being on top.

Not nearly content enough to admire them from afar, Dr. Alex Benzar aligns himself with modern women everywhere. His affinity for modern day goddesses in particular is the motivating factor behind the book The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman's Guide to Embracing Your Inner Goddess and Finding the Fulfillment You Deserve. If you think the title takes work, just wait until you read the rest.

According to his recent article for The Huffington Post, How To Be A Modern Goddess...According To A Guy, Benzar describes a modern goddess as all at once self-depreciating, self-serving and super hot. She walks among mortals but has the super power to both seduce and save the day.

Of course being the busy gal that she is, a modern goddess doesn't have time to toot her own horn. "I can see and appreciate you better than you can yourself," explains Benzar. Which is precisely what, he says, qualifies him to lead the pack of modern goddesses into self-recognition.

Step 1 to Embracing Your Inner Goddess involves giving a little shout out to yourself. "Claim the power and be it." Just look yourself in the mirror and realize that what you're waiting for is already in front of you. Sure she may have dark circles under her eyes or mascara still smudged on from the night before, but a modern goddess lives within you and she's waiting to be announced. So say it loud and say it proud. "I am a modern goddess."
Pronouncing this repeatedly, ideally from the top of a mountain, will point you in the direction of ultimate fulfillment.
Step 2 and 3 are a tad bit trickier. See, you can't stand alone up there on your mountain of goddesshood. You've got to get all your girlfriends to believe that they too are modern goddesses and climb the mountain with you. "The power of the goddess is the power to elevate those around her," explains Benzar. So be complimentary. Hand out kind words and gift your strengths to others by handing down wisdom, love and compassion. Think that's a lot to lug to the top of a mountain? Fear not. A modern goddess "embodies both feminine and masculine energy" meaning that she's strong and confident, passionate yet polite.

The last part will really throw you. Be better looking. Better looking than a man at least. "We like strength and confidence," admits Benzar, "but more as the spice rather than the main dish." So the part about being powerful was just Benzar's way of saying that a modern goddess should be able to walk to the top of a mountain in heels, not hiking boots.