No (Dialing) Regrets

women sending text message late at night

Yep, there's an app for that.

Okay, this is just hilarious, and downright clever. Now that it's become clear that having the ability to contact anyone, anywhere and at anytime with the push of a teeny tiny "Send" button on our cell phones can lead to a few, ahem, embarrassing encounters and red-faced blunders, Apple has come up with an app...just for that, reports Urban Daddy. Its purpose is to keep us from dialing the numbers of exes, or even crushes, who we know, in the light of day, we should not be calling.

The new iPhone app, amusingly called the "Bad Decision Blocker," can prevent people from making that late-night call, the one that's inevitably regretted, by temporarily removing that certain number from the cell phone.

How it works: type in the digits of the person that you know you really don't want to be calling, but somehow might be tempted to if the string of pick-up lines ringing in your ear is long enough and bad enough. You can program the number to be removed from your phone for as few as eight hours or as long as a whole week (the prerequisite for that really hardcore breakup course known as, Must Get Over Ex). Later, when the urge to rekindle the old flame has died down, you can retrieve the lost number from nowhere land and easily restore it to your contacts list.

There's goes Apple again – covering our backs with absolute brilliance. What ever will they think up next?