Trying new things this year....


I don't do the bar scene. Thinking about the other things to try……….

have four kids who are married and 8 grand kids who are an important
part of my life. They all live within driving distance and are here for
every holiday which makes them all fun and interesting. We all get
along and there are no fights…lol. Even though I have been married
three times (I know…scary – for me too…lol) I still have faith that
there is someone out there to spend the rest of my life with. Each
marriage ended for different reasons which I will share when the time
comes. I still talk to the last two as it makes it easier for the kids
and grand kids and we still get in a few laughs. I figure when one of
them has been an ex for over 20 years you can get along.

is not a thing for me…I have tried it and I am happy to stay in the
great country of Texas. Road trips are okay and can be quite enjoyable.
So if this is important to you, I am probably not the right one.

work at a church as an administrative assistant. This keeps me pretty
busy but does not take up a lotof time other than regular working
hours. My faith and my church family are very important to me. The
right guy would need to understand this and though not mandatory I
would enjoy his company in the services.

Cooking is another
thing I enjoy if I have someone to cook for. Cooking for one is not
much fun but I do cook on occasion for myself. I prefer to keep it
healthy though New Year’s Day has a host of the good ole Southern foods
and cooking styles. Okay…Thanksgiving and Christmas have a few of those
too but not as many….smile. Tex-Mex and Italian are favorites though I
can do a little Chinese if it is the right kind. I prefer my tea and
coffee unsweetened and enjoy a Coke or Dr Pepper from time to time.
Beer is okay on a rare day but I do enjoy a mixed drink from time to

All of my family has a dry sense of humor and enjoy a good
time when we are together. When given the chance I also enjoy shooting
a game of pool or bowling – a little rusty and not as good as I used to
be but still enjoy them. Movies are good – sci-fi, drama, kids and chic
flicks (of course) either at the theater or on DVD – but no blood and
gore please. All are enjoyed with plenty of popcorn. Books are
mystery/suspense and Bible studies. Walks in the park, being inside
with a book or someone special during thunderstorms, conversations over
coffee or a meal – these are things I find enjoyable. I will admit that
I analyze and question a lot and I am working on finding a few shades
of gray. I am loyal, generous, caring, love a good laugh, forgiving,
and my family and friends will tell you that it is all given
unconditionally. I feel you must be friends before you can decide
whether or not you can be together for life. Even if a love match is
not made, think of the friendship you have gained!