Jennifer Aniston Swears Off Marriage

Jennifer Aniston

Actress might forget about remarrying, possibly looks to have children anyway.

If you believe the recent magazine cover story of OK!, Jennifer Aniston has sworn off marriage. Rumor has it that the actress, who is preparing to film her next movie, The Baster, has experienced an epiphany of sorts after her Twitter-fueled breakup from John Mayer: that no man can live up to ex-husband Brad Pitt, with whom she split in 2005. A source says, "Ever since Jen and Brad split, she has tried desperately to find another man who would win her heart and be the husband she’s always dreamed of. But she now realizes that Brad’s shoes are impossible to fill."

Don’t count out motherhood for the single actress, however. The source goes on to state, "More than anything, Jen wants to be a mom. She has dreamed of having a child ever since she was a little girl, and the fact that she may not have a partner isn’t going to stop her from realizing that dream."

Whether this story is true we can’t really say but we imagine Jen is ready to move on from the break-up like the rest of us. Whatever she decides, we hope she can put the bad times behind her and find happiness.

Scoop courtesy of OK! Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.