Wife Handcuffs Husband During Dispute

couple handcuffed to each other

Talk about a heated debate.

Police arrived to screaming and an unexpected site at a Fairfield, C.T.  home where they had been called to hose down a domestic dispute. A woman had  handcuffed herself to her husband while he slept in their bed,  reports Jason Szep for Reuters.

After he dozed off, she apparently slipped the cuff around his wrist and snapped it shut. Why? It seemed to her, at the time, a good way to resolve the conflict. Then, when he awoke and picked up the phone to call the police,  the 37-year-old woman began biting him.

She was carted to the station and charged with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint. Later she was released on $400 bail.

Talk about an out-of-control marital spat. We don't know what actions set off this domestic volcano, but whatever it was we're not quite clear on how shackling up to a partner could actually fix it. What was the point? Was the gesture meant to send a "you're stuck with me, buddy" message, was it a plea to make him wake up and hash it out instead of ignoring the problem and drifting to oblivion, were there outside influences involved? These things we'll never know. But we do know that no one can hit the rewind button on these types of scenarios and this isn't the sort of thing a partner can just forget happened.

Passion is an unpredictable beast that can lead to irrational acts at times. Wonder how or if it's possible for couples to fully recover from episodes like this. Man, if only they'd taken that conflict resolution class before things got so heated!