One-Night Stands, Karma & CBS

neil patrick harris, how i met your mother

Three CBS sit-coms in one prime-time featured karmic implications of one-night stands.

There was a pretty out-wait for it-standing episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) on the television last evening (it was a rerun, episode # 58, Season 3, "The Bracket"). At any rate, Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris (NPH)) has a problem with a jilted lover busting up his game (not his chifarobe) and the gang sets out to find out who it is using an NCAA Tournament Bracket. As usual, hilarity ensues.

Although Barney doesn't learn the identity of this lady (that happens in episode #63, Season 3, "Everything Must Go"), he does eventually apologize.  Even if it was the wrong woman, the apology was sincere and heartfelt and we all learned about the website Ted Mosby Is A Jerk (

Next, on a repeat of Two And A Half Men (TAAHM), CBS's other resident cad, Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen), is also confronted with a karmic blast from the past in the form of Ms. Pasternak (episode #120, Season 6, "The Jock Strap in Hell"). Old Charlie feels awful about Pasternak's descent into pole dancing and offers to help her out. And pays for it every step of the way. Something sort of amusing ensues.

And, finally, CBS's other-other resident cad, Russell (played by David Spade) has some trouble with a one-night stand over on an episode (episode #26, Season 3, "Dad's Visit") of Rules Of Engagement (ROE). Essentially, she just won't leave his apartment. The occasional internal chuckle ensues.

I sense a pattern. Is the universe (or the programmers at CBS) trying to tell me (or someone else) something? If so, is the lesson that one-night stands are wrong? Because we (YourTango) have an article recriminating first date sex and, evidently, Steve Harvey thinks you should wait 90 days to bone. Is it that caddish behavior eventually begets comeuppance? Is it that women have feelings too and aren't to be discarded at your leisure? Is it something to do with hell, fury and scorned women? And what does it mean that the Lotharios on the receiving end of karma's thumping are stars working on the second acts of their careers? Whatever the case, I'm going to cool out on taking women home from the bar and then never calling them back ever, ever again*.

The eerie thing is that I never watch Two And A Half Men and rarely watch Rules Of Engagement and ended up skipping the gymnasium to catch both. Odd indeedy. When the universe colludes with CBS to air three similarly themed situation comedies in a single evening, you best listen. The stabbing you prevent could be your own.

*Note: I don't have the game, charm or good-looks requisite to lure ladies from the bar back to my secret lair. I do have the damned inner Jiminy Cricket that makes feel like a chump when I try. I just wanted to look cool, sorry everyone, sorry for lying to you.