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Nick Jonas Off The Market Again

Nick Jonas

The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers has found a new paramour with whom he will most likely do none of the things that most 16-year-old boys are dying to.

That's right; Nick Jonas, the promise-ring-wearing heartthrob formerly linked to Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, is once again off the market. According to Betty Confidential, he's now keeping company with a whole new Disney up-and-comer: fair-haired 17-year-old singer Jordan Pruitt.

Betty reports that Jordan befriended Nick when she served as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers and Cheetah Girls tours. That friendship eventually developed into a full-blown romance, and before you knew it, she was showing up on the set of the brothers' Disney show, J.O.N.A.S., and arriving as Nick's date at the show's wrap party.

Betty's source says that: "They began dating two months ago and Nick is constantly sending her text messages."

No word yet on whether or not any of those text messages have been punctuated with real-life kisses or hand-holding sessions. But we do know that the two are taking things slow (remember that promise ring).

According to Betty's source: "They have quite a cute young relationship, not too serious, and she gets along great with Joe and Kevin."

Obviously, getting on with Joe and Kevin is the most important thing to do if you're dating Nick (maybe even more important that talking about how awesome you thing virginity is). Those two never leave his side. In fact, we had to crop them out of the picture for this story.

Which is a real shame considering how cute that Joe is.

Good luck, with those three, Jordan. And remember: virginity is awesome.

Photo: Splash News