The Newlywedded Game

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The blog Newlywedded makes us laugh out loud and say "I do."

Were it not for four single girls and one big city, millions of die hard Sex and the City fans would have been left wondering why men do the things they do and why love is never as simple as it seems. Fortunately we were all blessed with six blissful years of witty narration as Carrie & Co. navigated their way around relationships Big and small. Now that the fashionable foursome are mostly married, we suspect the next SATC sequel will be filled with even more questions about men, such as why they can't let us drive in peace and why they will never admit it when they are hurt.

Alexis, the blogger behind Newlywedded, already has most of those questions covered. In fact, should Sarah Jessica Parker ever bow out and pack her bags for good, Alexis is more than made for the part.

As a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, Alexis integrates her Newlywedded posts with witty banter and hysterical anecdotes straight out of a movie script. Her co-star in real life, Mike, provides the inspiration behind what can only be considered marital bliss.

Full of drama and endearment, Newlywedded steers clear of any soap box and instead offers a unique perspective from someone so confident in her spouse's ability to simultaneously delight and disgust her she is willing to share him with the rest of us. Recurring themes revolve around the couples in-laws and home renovations, both handled with care.

Although there's no such thing as a textbook marriage, Newlywedded serves as the ultimate reference guide for married couples willing to laugh at themselves and take one for the team.

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