Dating On Company Time Is OK

office romance

Feel free to date a coworker, just be sure not to abuse company policy and goodwill.

Over at Lemondrop they asked a fun question recently, is it OK to ask him out using company email? The writer, a Jennifer S, goes into some detail providing circumstances and asks for advice given her specific situation, it's worth reading and doling out your own personal 25 cents* on her individual bind (it's another one of those dang deals where someone has to take their clothes off first).

In the meantime, dating at work, in general is a subject worth exploring (exploring? Or exploding?), but before we do, let's watch this video:

That was hil-wait for it-arious and infor-wait for it-mative. I may take that video out behind the middle school and get it pregnant. As you can see, as long as your company doesn't outlaw office romance, feel free to dip your wick in company inkwell to your heart's content (provided you follow the requisite decorum).

Anywhom, the days of the 9-5 workday are largely gone and some companies, venerable old institutions, I assure you, largely ban things like Hotmail, Gmail and in your Facebook from their employees. So, naturally, you have to use work email for important missives like, "I had a great time last night. I cannot wait to see you this weekend. You're shmoofy," and the like. Just keep in mind that they're within their right to read and censor (or censure, I can never tell) your mail. Sad but true, feel free to use code.

The real question is, "Is it OK to use company resources to meet your romantic goals?" And the answer is a simple, but qualified, "Yes." Using email (and the company directory) to let someone know you're interested is fine. I got asked out by a complete stranger once back in my finance days (I was the only dude under 30 on our floor, I used to be good-looking and she must have been feeling a little boy-crazy after her divorce). The problem with using company time or assets to further relationships is the easy chance to abuse these facilities. Like using authority to manipulate underlings. I had a homey who had a one-night stand with a coworker one level above him (yes, he did take a position just beneath her). So the story goes that she asked him into her office, closed the door and asked, "What's up with us?" That is an abuse of power that you should try to avoid if you use company time and treasure to date.

Any juicy stories out there about abuse of authority in the name of love?

*YourTango readers' advice provides twelve and a half times as much value as a regular person's advice.