Can A Patch Increase Your Sex Drive?

woman doctor with shirtless man

Increased libido is a sign that something is working.

My mom always says, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And while my inner 15-year-old hates to admit she's right, I have to confess, this saying is usually spot on.

So when I caught wind that researchers recently found that libido patches not only didn’t work, but may compromise the long-term safety of their users, I wasn't surprised.

It seems in our world today, a lot of women (more than your think) have trouble becoming aroused. Call it stress, blame it on the economy, or fault low hormone levels, doctors are still trying to figure out why some ladies just can't get their sex drive up.

And it looks like the wait for a cure just got a little longer. After doing some serious research, researchers found no difference in libido between women prescribed a placebo and those prescribed a testosterone patch such as Intrinsa.

No difference, in that, all reported improved sex drive.

Medical professionals can't agree on why this is. What they can agree on? Even if the increase in a woman's libido is small, it could "transform the quality" of her life.

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