Christina Ricci Engaged

christina ricci and owen benjamin

Tiny Christina Ricci is betrothed to up and coming actor Owen Benjamin.

Great news, gang. Christina Ricci is engaged to be married to a funny f*cker named Owen Benjamin. E! Online (again with the Uber Blog) has the exclusive scoop on the betrothal party. It happened at a nightclub, it was a fun and everyone (Christina Ricci inclusive) was apparently cocked on blackberry brandy*.

There's a pretty decent chance you have no idea who Owen Benjamin is (other than another guy blessed with a first name for a last name), but that will change in short order. He had a minor role in the Anna Faris-tastic The House Bunny (that's him about 21 seconds into the trailer with the vest sans shirt, delightful). And he's got a forthcoming show on CBS called Heckle U about a dude who heckles opposing basketball teams into making mistakes on the court (like Duke students but without all the entitlement). I know what you're thinking, "That sounds ridiculous." Fair enough, but Tom Arnold is also in it, so…

Owen Benjamin met the tiny Christina Ricci on the set of the film All's Faire In Love (a play on the old proverb "all's fair in love and war," a Machiavellian phrase used to justify all manner of treachery and malfeasance). The movie is about competing Renaissance Festival troupes. Making fun of, then falling in love with Ren-Fest employees sounds fun, why the heck hasn't Christopher Guest made this movie? And we're guessing that the emotionality of the script was sufficient enough for Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin crank out a on-set romance with legs.

As you may recall, Christina Ricci dated comedic actor Adam Goldberg (sort of a younger Adam Carolla) for almost seven years ending in 2007 and then moved on to a fellow by the name of Kick Gurry (sweet name, G), but that fell through some time before (or during) the filming of All's Faire In Love.

Let's hope this one works out. If you lasting love can't start at the Michigan Renaissance Fair, where can it?

*And tippling some other variety of libation.

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