Liam Neeson Rushes To Natasha Richardson's Side

Natasha Richardson Liam Neeson

Leaves film set immediately after learning of her traumatic head injury.

Liam Neeson has rushed to the side of Natasha Richardson, his wife of fifteen years, after she experienced a traumatic head injury on Monday in Quebec, Canada.

According to People, the injury took place at the bottom of the beginners' run at the Mont Trenblant ski resort, in an area known as the flats. Richardson, daughter of famed British actress Vanessa Redgrave and a recognized actress in her own right, was not wearing a helmet when she fell. She hit no objects or people on the way down and "was accompanied by an experienced ski instructor who immediately called the ski patrol," according to a statement from the resort.

Initially conscious, laughing and joking, Richardson, "walked to her room on her own," Mont Tremblant spokesperson Catherine Lacasse says. There were no cuts, bleeding or other external signs of injury.

But an hour after the fall, Richardson, 45, began complaining of headaches. She went to a nearby hospital and was later transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of Sacré Coeur Hospital.

Upon hearing the news of his wife's accident, Neeson, 56, immediately left the Toronto set where he's been filming the motion picture Chloe to catch a flight for Montreal. A representative for the film confirms that he is now with her, but gives little other information.

"We do not have any details at this time but we hope for the best and our thoughts and prayers are with Natasha and Liam and their family."

Liam and Natasha have two sons: Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12.

Photo: Splash News