Danny Masterson Engaged To Bijou Phillips

bijou phillips and danny masterson

That 70's Show to marry Hostel II starlet, good times to ensue.

They are finally going to make it official, gawd it's been forever. Danny Masterson (the sunglasses-wearing, counterculture revolutionary Hyde on That 70's Show) and Bijou Phillips (the actress/ model/ musician daughter of John Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas) have decided to get engaged. Well alright alright alright.

Per The Insider, the two met like five years ago at a poker tournament and decided to make it official over the weekend. Evidently, the two are Scientologists and actors but have only appeared in one film together (a little number called You Are Here* and we know nothing about it). But it does put that at exactly one more co-starring than Scientology's Power Couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston (kidding Travolta and Preston were both in the mother of Scientology films, Battlefield Earth, though Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not made a feature film together).

While dating a fellow actor has to be somewhat difficult, given conflicting schedules, professional envy, artistic contempt and on-screen romance jealousy, maybe the Scientology will bring them closer. Unless they are incredibly spiritually competitive; like if one would try to hold the other back from getting to the next Thetan level if he (or she) was having trouble seeing the big, Five-Dimensional picture.

In addition to acting in that terrible movie, Havoc, in which Anne Hathaway bared her chest, Bijou Phillips is a bit of a Hollyweird wild child. Though, those days of rehab and near-fisticuffs with Michelle Rodriguez's crew appear to be behind her. Sometimes we all need a little Danny Masterson in our lives to get thing on the straight and narrow, we watch That 70's Show marathons when we feel like lashing out at the world. 

*They are both in the forthcoming films Made For Each Other and The Bridge To Nowhere, likely a political thriller about pork barrel politics and budget earmarking.

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