Is Your Relationship Headed For A Dead End?

relationship dead end

10 warning signs a relationship is on the road to nowhere

We love lists as much as the next gal or guy, and this one, unearthed in the Sun Journal, was a good one. According to the advice in this article, if your relationship fits one of these scenarios, you are advised not to pass "Go":

  • Unequal distribution of caring
  • It's a rebounder
  • It's a "jailbreak"
  • One partner's on a pedestal
  • One partner's emotionally unavailable
  • One partner's wing is broken; the other's always patching it up
  • One partner fills in blanks about the other, trying to make up for his/her missed potential
  • There's compatibility, but only around one activity or topic
  • It's straight-up infatuation
  • It's an affair

Find a detailed explanation of each dead-end relationship here. We must admit that there are a few here that do sound familiar. If only we had uncovered this handy, dandy list a tad earlier.


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