Love Bytes: Googling The Ex


Cyber-stalking delusions, 10 reasons not to date geeks, fromances.

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links.

So you want to Google your ex (or already have). Read on. [Divine Caroline]

At some point, don't we all wonder, whether we loved them, hated them, broke their hearts, or had ours broken, what he's been up to? Wondered how many kids he has? Wondered if he’s thought of you? And come on, if you haven’t thought, "I wonder if his wife is fat?" then you should stop reading this now, because clearly, you are too good of a person to be googling your ex.

Just because everyone says it's hip to date geeks now, doesn't mean you should. Geeks can be really annoying.  [Wired]

She calls it a "fromance." We're sort of over the "__omance" thing. But we know where she's coming from. [Smitten]