Correction: Britney Not Dating Agent?

britney spears and jason trawick

An 'inside source' claims that Jason Trawick is just Britney's agent, no more, no less.

It takes a big man to admit he's wrong. A big, big man. Larry The Cable Guy big. Shaq big. Ron Jeremy big. That being said, Britney Spears is, supposedly, not dating her agent Jason Trawick and, if you recall, we only said they might be dating, so we weren't really wrong after all.

Per Us Weekly, via Digital Spy, the pop star is not dating her agent as an 'inside source' says, "They are absolutely, 100% not dating. He is her agent and that's it. They have never gone out on a date." We suppose that 'not dating" and have "never gone out on a date" does not mean that they're not experimenting with adult beverages, actions and feelings. She was holding onto his shirtless back while he was riding a four-wheeler, for Steve's sake. Holding onto a shirtless, likely sweaty man while he's driving an all-terrain vehicle is one of the most intimate things two people can do together (ahead of spooning but behind "carnal posterior affection.")

While it might be a really bad idea for Britney Spears to date her agent, we feel like it would be really nice for her to find a mature, reasonable guy one of these days. And forgive us for holding out hope that her agent Jason Trawick was that guy. Take a quick gander at the list of dudes that Britney has dated on Who's Dated Who (note: the site is user-generated and its accuracy can't be guaranteed). Outside of Tom Brady (and we totally do not recall that one), we're not sure if there's a college degree among them (note: a college degree is no measurement of success, Wade Robson is  more successful than a lot of college grads and Kanye's had some level of success despite being a college drop-out).

So, sorry for hoping that Britney had a guy who wasn't a risk for spending $60K on a diamond necklace that says "World's Greatest Pimp." We're going to maintain a level of suspicious vigilance (and hopeless optimism) regarding the Britney Spears - Jason Trawick situation. By the way, the attention that this affair has garnered Britney is reason enough to keep Jason Trawick on the payroll. Brilliant work, sir.

In summary, we never said they were dating though we feel like (and hope) that they might be.

Do you think Britney is dating her agent?

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