Playing With KismetCards


A low maintenance Tarot-type exercise that makes you think.

If you're one to consult your tarot deck before any big life decision, then you'll soon clear a space between your patchouli incense, astrological charts, and healing crystals for fresh packs of Love and Money Kismet cards.

Created by Chiera King—a life coach, psychic medium and astrologer—Kismet (a Turkish word meaning destiny) Cards are meant to help thrash through the vines of life's uncertainties with insight to some of our most tired questions. Wonder why things aren't working in your current relationship? Ask the Love deck. Wonder why you can't for the life of you get promoted? Ask the Money and Career cards.

Unlike tarot, however, the readings are low-maintenance and short. In contrast to a whirl of swords, cups, Hanging Men and Grim Reaper images, in a Kismet reading the five cards are lined in a simple row with each containing an open-ended word ("Friendship" "Harmony" "Power" etc.) and a few bullet points as to how the card applies to your question.


*emotional connections  *feeling emotional  *following your heart *an emotional person *a reminder to keep your emotions in check *emotional joy *emotional disappointments

In the same vain as astrology—where the list of sign-related personality traits are so general they could describe any of us moody and complicated beings—the Kismet cards are broad enough to unearth a kernel of wisdom in any situation.

"Ohhh. So maybe I need to not be so emotional when I try to talk to him about getting married. That makes sooooooo much sense!"

King has even included a separate deck for "yes" "no" or time-related questions. After shuffling the yes/no/timing deck a "When will I get laid?" question is answered with a number card (one to twelve) that says:


*six days *six weeks *six months *six years *June *Spring *Q2

Leaving one either elated (six days!) or terrified (six years!!!!!!).

A yes/no question is answered with a lucky pick of the right amount of color coordinated odd or even number combinations. For the love deck, three or more odd-numbered, purple cards means "NO." Three or more even-numbered, green cards means "YES."

When we gave the Love Kismet deck a test drive, our first run at it gave us a pretty severe case of the willies. When we asked "what's in store for our love life?" we were greeted with a glaring "Pregnancy" card.


Thankfully we can rest assured this may also mean, "giving birth to a new beginning" or "something growing behind the scenes, not yet revealed."

(*wipe sweat from brow*) Thank. You. Jesus.