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Brad and Angelina Having Issues?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Questions about Mama Pitt moving in causing strife with the famous duo.

Well, it appears there might be trouble in Brangelina Land and Jennifer Aniston has nothing to do with it. Brad reportedly thinks it’s time to ask for a little assistance with the kids. Evidently now that Angelina is back to work filming Salt, Brad would like his mother to move into the couple’s Long Island home to help him care for their growing brood and Angelina wants none of it. Evidently, the famous mother of six thinks Brad should be able to manage just fine since she did so while he filmed Inglourious Basterds. According to a source, "Angelina feels Brad should be able to handle the kids on his own, and she saw his request for help as a cop-out. She cared for the kids while Brad made his last film in Germany, so she feels it's his turn, and she told him to tell his mother they didn't need her help."

This is interesting because even though Brad's parents live in Missouri they moved to the South of France last year after twins Knox and Vivienne were born. But it appears that Angelina has put her foot down on the situation and told Brad to handle it. Mind you, they most likely have a squadron of nannies and a huge staff but still, six kids is a lot to handle, especially with all of them under the age of 8!  Good luck, Brad!

Scoop courtesy of Babble's Famecrawler. Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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