Don’t Cry For Melissa Rycroft, America

melissa rycroft and Tony Dovolani

After The Bachelor jilting, Melissa Rycroft has a new reality show and guy.

You know what's a hard-core drag? Being dumped on national TV*. You know what's even more of a drag? Being dumped on a contrived, network dating show in favor of someone you understood to be out of the picture.

But after being left on the trash heap of broken hearts that is post-rose ceremony The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft has rebounded. She's not thinking about boob Jason Mesnick and she sure as hey-hey isn't thinking about Molly Malaney. (By the way, isn't it painfully obvious that this was contrived?). She's moved on, she got her hair did, she scored a new reality gig and, per Us Weekly, she has a new dude.

You heard us correctly, sir. Melissa Rycroft is dating a new dude and it's not dancing partner Tony Dovolani. His name is Ty (like the TV house fixing guy) and he sells insurance (like Alex Portnoy's dad). And she is on Dancing With The Stars and doing pretty darn good from all reports. In fact, given the outpouring of support for Melissa Rycroft, the dissing from The Bachelor may be the second best thing to have happened to her (after being a Cowboys cheerleader). Since the "After The Final Rose" debacle, it's pretty much been one continual Gloria Gaynor song (with an occasional refrain of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"). It's been like after Anne Hathaway finds out she's a princess. And having a new guy is the best revenge.

Mr. Jason Mesnick, on the other hand, has not been so lucky. He's become the butt of jokes and the brunt of feminine (and reality show) rage. He should know, by now, that you wait for a few months after the last show to break up. That's The Bachelor 101, guy. Doesn't he deserve a little break because he got the Heisman from DeAnna Pappas during the finale of that one The Bachelorette season? No? OK then. No word on whether or not Molly Malaney is still in his life.

*Note: Getting dumped on national TV has to be far less humiliating than setting up a grand and public proposal and catching a hard "NO."

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