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Forget Oprah! I want to hear from you

Forget Oprah! I want to hear from you
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Statistics say that one in four women are victims of domestic violence, so that means a lot of you out there know what it's like.  And I know we've had men on this site come out and say that they've been victims too, whether by their mothers or their wives.  So I would love to hear your stories and opinions or just where you come from.

I'll start it off...
I have four sisters and one of them is in an abusive relationship. She won't leave. I remember a few years ago it escalated and my fmaily tried to get her out. She left for a week and then went back. She doesn't talk about it. She won't say anything beyond that he is a great guy and they are happy. She is so good at hiding it. But she is different. She's not the girl I grew up with. Everything I know about her is gone. And its hard for her because I can't say one nice thing about her she doesn't like to talk to me about him at all. I try to be her friend and sister and know that I am there for her and will do anything for her. But I don't want to support him at all. And I want her to know I am not a part of this's tough.


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