Below The Belt Growth Actually Works?


What sounded like an urban legend—penile extenders—not only exist but also work.

We had to read the article containing the headline "penile extenders" and "might work" about three times (each with a muffled guffaw) before deciding the information might actually be scientifically astute. It's not that we're all Judging Judy's here but c'mon, a penile extender? Working?

It just makes us giggle.

Apparently, the contraption known as the Andropenis (*cackle*) actually does what it claims—add length to a penis. Italian urologist Paolo Gontero recruited 15 men who willingly strapped on the plastic ring contraption for four to nine hours a day (!!!!!) for six months and all recorded about a half inch increase in the length of their erections and a .9 inches when the penis was flaccid. The results will be published in the March issue of the British Journal of Urology.

Yes, this may sound hard to believe. And boy did we smell the creative wording of top-notch marketing paired with questionable scientific results, but as it turns out the idea of stretching the penile skin works just as well below the belt, as it does with the gold-ringed necks of the Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Burma.

Yes, that's right. The Andropenis simply stretches the skin in the same vein as many other cosmetic procedures (breast augmentation, a face lift).

However, take note boys. Before you save up and order an Andropenis for yourself, the article alluded to the fact many are treated who aggressively (rather than gradually) stretch.

Easy does it, fellas.