Is Britney Dating Her Agent?

britney spears and jason trawick

Rumor has it that Britney Spears is dating rep Jason Trawick.

According to E! Online (from the Uber-Blog, 'Uber' is German for 'super,' 'blog' is American for verbal spewage in web format), Britney Spears is dating her agent, Jason Trawick. The agent is her rep from the William Morris Agency (home of such top entertainers as Charlie Chaplin, Whoopi Goldberg and Alex Rodriguez).

The two sides claim that the relationship is strictly professional but nonetheless quite close and, if we may infer, sexy/ crazy/ cool. Per the rumor mill, Jason Trawick has been crucial in getting Britney's career back on track. Rumors have been swirling about these two (in as much as rumors swirl rather than circulate) for a few months but some people just choose to chalk it up to a close collaboration between a hard-working manager and a somewhat needy super-starchild.

But we sort of buy into these guys dating. Brit-Brit has a penchant for dating dudes who she works with. She dated a co-worker from the set of the Mickey Mouse Club and likely deflowered him (Justin Timberlake). She dated, married and bore the children of backup dancer Kevin Federline (tweens call him K-Fed). And she even romanced an odd-duck, married paparazzo named Adnan Ghalib. This could, if accurate, prove to be the best relationship of her career (note: it would be her relationship with JT but the song "Cry Me A River" began a long, dark spiral from which most people wouldn't emerge). Plus E! has a picture of them riding a 4-wheeler shirtless (fine, he's shirtless, but still it feels ripped right out of Eastbound And Down).

Ideally, their relationship will continue to develop similarly to Jerry Maguire's with Rod Tidwell, a little humiliation, a little pain and lots of enthusiastic shouting; "show me your monkey!"

Do you think this is a good move for Britney?

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