Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy? Awesome

jamie kennedy

The Ghost Whisperer set is a hotbed of dating action.

According to Ace Show Biz, love could be in the air for Jennifer Love Hewitt (AKA Jennifer Love Huge-Wits). It's being claimed that the actress may be dating practical jokester Jamie Kennedy. Evidently, the two acting people are in a television program called The Ghost Whisperer and must have hit it off on the set of the supernatural thriller about a medium who has some sort of sixth sense.

As you may recall, Jennifer Love Hewitt recently suffered a breakup / broken engagement with another former costar on The Ghost Whisperer, a show about a woman with the gift and tru calling to communicate with people who are pushing daisies. The man was Ross McCall and he could have passed for a Wahlberg brother without too much fuss (if not a Wahlberg then certainly Scott Wolf's cousin). As a Scotsman with a visa, it was thought, in some dark corners, that his impending marriage to Jennifer Love Hewitt was necessitated by his desire to stay in the US. Though we never subscribed to that theory.

You may know Jamie Kennedy as the imp behind such hilarity as The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (or JKX, as the fans call it), a hidden camera show with sketch comedy elements, fun disguises and duplicity. You may also recall him playing an ethnically confused b-boy in Malibu's Most Wanted, Kickin' It Old School and, to a lesser degree, Boiler Room. We find him to be hilarious and prefer that he not be confused with Seth Green.

At any rate, the story goes that the two (Hewitt and Kennedy) hit it off immediately when he joined the cast of The Ghost Whisperer (as show about fringe events that push the outer limits about what we know think we know about afterlife). Word on the street is they're trying to keep what they have going on a secret, so please keep this on the DL. Don't tell anyone who told you, OK? And if you do get in a conversation with anyone involved, PLEASE do not reference this as a rebound relationship. It's a little tacky.

What do you think of this match?

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