The age old question

The age old question

Okay, so we are both highly educated intelligent people. When we got married we were all "yay, partnership of equals!!" But sometimes, like on cleaning day, my life feels like some really horrible sexist sitcom. When it's me whining at him to vacuum the floor and he is rolling his eyes like a teenager. And I am like, MY FOREBEARERS DIDN'T BURN THEIR BRAS SO WE COULD FIGHT OVER YOU VACUUMING! Those are the moments I whip out my "We are both adults" speech. Which makes things soooo much better.

After almost four years of marriage, things have gotten better, he empties the dishwasher, cleans the kitchen, folds clothes and helps me take out the trash (we split, I collect, he drags to the curb). But still when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms, vaccuuming or tidying up, its like a cold war standoff. If only my couch-sitting Castro would move his missles and vaccuum the floor!

I am really impressed by some of you men on this site, who claim to do a lot of the chores. So tell me. How do I get there? Or am I doomed to live a sexist stereotype, as long as we both shall live?

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