Matchmaker In Iran Helps Couples Meet

iranian matchmaker couple

With the help of this cleric, 2,000 couples met and wed.

As I was flipping channels, I landed on a real-life love story of sorts. It was a segment about young Iranians who were finding their spouses with the help of a hip-looking, bearded matchmaker clad in a turban and robe.

It all began when a cleric in Iran helped turn a student's crush on a peer into his first love match. Ten years later, Jafar Ardabili has successfully matched more than 2,000 couples in marriage without one divorce, reports Reza Sayeh for CNN. That's quite an impressive track record: Could Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker top that?

With his wife, Ardabili founded the Amin International Family and Cultural Institute aimed at helping young Iranians find their life partner while respecting Islamic Law. Through the service, singles seeking to meet the special someone can peruse registered applicants. If a person catches his or her eye, they can arrange to meet in a supervised setting.

How it works: Applicants provide their photo and pay $100 to be able to review the other 50,000-plus applicants. Ardabili will arrange one supervised meeting at his office, maybe even two. If all goes well, he'll set up a third meeting when the couple can meet without supervision at a different location. What do two mismatched young people look like? "Wrinkled potatoes" the cleric told CNN. How about a love match? "A happy ice cream cone." Check out the video here.

That's what we call efficiency: three meetings and you're all set to make your way to the alter. Perhaps we are overcomplicating things with this notion that a courtship and dating should go on for years and years. What if all it really takes are three dates to know what you need to know? This raises another question: If you only had three meetings in which to decide if a person was life-partner material, what would be on your checklist of questions you'd want to make sure to ask?

Here's wishing you a happy-ice-cream-cone day.

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