A Father's Age May Affect His Offspring

father's age affects intelligence

A recent study claims older Dads produce children who score lower on IQ tests.

We've often thought women got a bum deal when it comes to procreating. The man orgasms and we have no choice than to suffer through the agony of childbirth. We also have an annoying biological clock telling us to pop 'em out before we go into menopause. Meanwhile, men skip into the reproductive future spreading their seed for as long as they continue to get laid.

Well, according to a recent study by scientists at the University of Queensland, a Hugh Hefner-aged father may actually be detrimental to the child's cognitive abilities. Out of a pool of 33, 000 children it was found that those with the oldest fathers consistently scored lower on intelligence tests. Unfortunately, no exact age was pinpointed as too old. Rather, the scientists just witnessed a general decline with more mature dads—66 being the oldest father in the study.

While, yes, the reasons behind a low IQ score could most certainly be blamed on a myriad of factors, researcher Professor John McGrath said the results were "startling" and goes so far as to say the age of the father is as important as the age of the mother.

While we always thought of sperm as evergreen, new research proves that older men "accumulate more mutations" in their swimmers as they age. Similar to an older woman facing the prospects of giving birth to a child with down syndrome, scientists now think that while men are still fertile, they may not shoot their best sperm as they age.