Kelly Clarkson's Never Been In Love, Not Into Kids

kelly clarkson

The American Idol winner has a new album (All I Ever Wanted) and plenty to say.

Sometimes they break the mold. The first American Idol champeen, Kelly Clarkson, has a new album out today (Tuesday, March 10th), so naturally she's making the chat-up rounds. And because the pop star is savvy marketer, the title of the album is sort of in line with what she has to say: All I Ever Wanted.

The first single, "My Life Would Suck Without You," rocketed to the top of the charts and had Kelly Clarkson feeling might good (or so we imagine). But, according to Pop Crunch, the pop star is really good at pop songs about love and not so good at it in real life. Per the interview, KC is a die hard romantic who has never been in love and doesn't think, "I'd fall in love easily." Plus, like Paris Hilton, some guy used her for fame and she's been on the once bitten, twice shy tip since. In hindsight, the lack of chemistry between Kelly and costar Justin Guarini in From Justin To Kelly makes sense with her lack of real-life love experience.

In addition to never having been in love, Lime Life writes that the 26-year old singer has "no desire" to have kids and doesn't think she'd be a good mother. Evidently, the job of globe-trotting entertainer is too selfish an occupation, in her estimation, for responsible parenting.

Lots of twenty-somethings, particularly those with fulfilling, demanding jobs, think that they'll never, ever have kids and sort of grow to change their minds (ideally not too late). That being said, it's refreshing to hear Kelly Clarkson buck the trend and admit that she really digs the freedom of being childless (for now).

We suppose if rappers can do music about crimes they've never committed, then pop stars can sing about true love they never lost. Jesum, if she ever does fall in love and get hurt, that next album is going to be a humdinger. Looking back at "Since You've Been Gone" as her light period is a little troubling. She could benefit from a friendship we Drew Barrymore, we think.

Do you think these love/ children admissions will make the "Kelly Clarkson is a lesbian" rumors intensify?

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